Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Devvon Terrell release You Different

08-Jun-2018: 'You Different', single by Devvon Terrell Record Label: Devvon Terrell LLC. The thirty-third single by Devvon Terrell is named 'You Different' and was just released...


Album cover for Needtobreathe's new single: Bullets

Out on Spotify: ‘Bullets’ by Needtobreathe

08-Jun-2018: 'Bullets', single by Needtobreathe Label: Atlantic Records. Needtobreathe's twenty-eighth single was just released on the label Atlantic Records and is now available on...
Album cover for Ben Rector's new single: Drive

Ben Rector announce his 7th single Drive

01-Jun-2018: 'Drive', single by Ben Rector Record Label: OK Kid / Activist. The seventh single by Ben Rector is named 'Drive' and was just released on...

US Releases

Alternative Rock

Album cover for Nine Inch Nails's new single: God Break Down the Door

Nine Inch Nails announce their 4th single God Break Down the...

17-May-2018: 'God Break Down the Door', single by Nine Inch Nails Record Label: The Null Corporation. Nine Inch Nails's fourth single was released on...


Album cover for Judas Priest's new single: Lightning Strike

Judas Priest release Lightning Strike

05-Jan-2018: 'Lightning Strike', single by Judas Priest Record Label: Columbia. It looks to be a great day and hopefully Judas Priest can improve upon it further....
Album cover for U2's new single: Spotify Singles

U2’s new single is on Spotify

13-Dec-2017: 'Spotify Singles', single by U2 Record Label: Digital Distribution Trinidad and Tobago. It is a wonderful day and we trust U2 will make it even...
Album cover for Alice in Chains's new single: The One You Know

The 5th single ‘The One You Know’, by Alice in Chains is released

04-May-2018: 'The One You Know', single by Alice in Chains Released on Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC. Alice in Chains's fifth single was...
Album cover for Stereophonics's new album: Scream Above The Sounds (Deluxe)

Stereophonics’s ‘Scream Above The Sounds (Deluxe)’: Everything we know so far

27-Oct-2017: 'Scream Above The Sounds (Deluxe)', album by Stereophonics Released on Label: Parlophone UK. It seems like a wonderful day and we trust Stereophonics can improve...
Album cover for Van Morrison's new album: You're Driving Me Crazy

Van Morrison’s ‘You’re Driving Me Crazy’: Everything we know so far

27-Apr-2018: 'You're Driving Me Crazy', album by Van Morrison Label: Legacy Recordings. Van Morrison's thirty-ninth album was just released on the label Legacy Recordings...


Cut Copy release Haiku From Zero

Album cover for Cut Copy's new album: Haiku From Zero
22-Sep-2017: 'Haiku From Zero', album by Cut Copy Record Label: Astralwerks (US1A). Cut Copy's fourteenth album 'Haiku From Zero' has hit the shelves, and you can...

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