Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The 11th album ‘The Big Chang Theory’, by Nef The Pharaoh...

10-Aug-2018: 'The Big Chang Theory', album by Nef The Pharaoh Record Label: KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE. The eleventh album by Nef The Pharaoh...


Album cover for Maluma's new single: Mala Mía

Maluma’s new single is out on Spotify

10-Aug-2018: 'Mala Mía', single by Maluma Record Label: Sony Music Latin. Maluma's thirty-ninth single was just released on Sony Music Latin and can be...
Album cover for Jason Mraz's new single: More Than Friends (feat. Meghan Trainor)

The new release ‘Know.’ by Jason Mraz is now on Spotify

10-Aug-2018: 'Know.', album by Jason Mraz Released on Label: Atlantic Records. The fifteenth album by Jason Mraz is titled 'Know.' and was just released on ...

US Releases

Alternative Rock

Album cover for Lights's new album: Skin&Earth

New album released by Lights: Skin&Earth

22-Sep-2017: 'Skin&Earth', album by Lights Label: Warner Bros.. Lights's ninth album 'Skin&Earth' is out, and you can be among the first to listen to it. ...


Album cover for U2's new single: You’re The Best Thing About Me (Acoustic Version)

‘You’re The Best Thing About Me (Acoustic Version)’ is a new single by U2

29-Sep-2017: 'You’re The Best Thing About Me (Acoustic Version)', single by U2 Record Label: Island Records. It seems like a fantastic day and hopefully U2 can...
Album cover for Suicidal Tendencies's new single: Nothing to Lose

Latest news from Suicidal Tendencies

19-Jan-2018: 'Nothing to Lose', single by Suicidal Tendencies Record Label: Suicidal Records. However your day has been so far, it's about to improve. Suicidal Tendencies's...
Album cover for Alice in Chains's new single: So Far Under

New single released by Alice in Chains: So Far Under

27-Jun-2018: 'So Far Under', single by Alice in Chains Record Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC. The sixth single by Alice in Chains is titled 'So...
Album cover for Primus's new album: The Desaturating Seven

‘The Desaturating Seven’ is a new album by Primus

29-Sep-2017: 'The Desaturating Seven', album by Primus Record Label: ATO Records. Your week is about to get better. Primus's fifteenth album 'The Desaturating Seven' has hit...
Album cover for Interpol's new single: The Rover

‘The Rover’ is the 25th single from Interpol

07-Jun-2018: 'The Rover', single by Interpol Record Label: Matador. The twenty-fifth single by Interpol is named 'The Rover' and was just released on label Matador...


‘Hell-On’ released by Neko Case

Album cover for Neko Case's new single: Hell-On
06--2018: 'Hell-On', single by Neko Case Label: Anti/Epitaph. Your morning is all set to get a lot better. Neko Case's 9 single 'Hell-On' has been...
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