Monday, September 24, 2018

Dj Alex Sensation’s ‘La Diabla’: What we know so far

14-Sep-2018: 'La Diabla', single by Dj Alex Sensation Label: JP Entertainment (Jorge Pino). salsa mix Dj Alex Sensation's sixth single was just released on the label...


Album cover for The Smashing Pumpkins's new single: Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)

‘Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)’ released by The Smashing Pumpkins

14-Sep-2018: 'Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)', single by The Smashing Pumpkins Label: Napalm Records. alternative rock • rock • alternative • Grunge • 90s The Smashing Pumpkins's fifth ...
Album cover for Rival Sons's new single: Do Your Worst

New single out by Rival Sons: Do Your Worst

14-Sep-2018: 'Do Your Worst', single by Rival Sons Label: Atlantic Records. blues rock • hard rock • seen live • rock • classic rock The ninth single...
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US Releases

Alternative Rock

Album cover for Theory of a Deadman's new single: Wake Up Call

Theory of a Deadman releases new album titled ‘Wake Up Call’

27-Oct-2017: 'Wake Up Call', album by Theory of a Deadman Record Label: Atlantic Records. It seems like a super day and we trust Theory of a...


Album cover for Guns N' Roses's new single: Shadow Of Your Love

‘Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition)’ is a new album by Guns N’ Roses

29-Jul-1987: 'Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition)', album by Guns N' Roses Record Label: Geffen Records. Guns N' Roses's eleventh album was just released...
Album cover for Peter Gabriel's new album: Us (Remastered Version)

Peter Gabriel release Us (Remastered Version)

27-Sep-1992: 'Us (Remastered Version)', album by Peter Gabriel Released on Label: Real World Productions. The thirty-second album by Peter Gabriel is named 'Us (Remastered Version)' and...
Album cover for Ringo Starr's new album: Give More Love

New album released by Ringo Starr: Give More Love

15-Sep-2017: 'Give More Love', album by Ringo Starr Record Label: Roccabella. If you are having a bad Thursday, your mood is about to improve. Ringo...
Album cover for Def Leppard's new album: Pyromania (Deluxe)

Out on Spotify: ‘Pyromania (Deluxe)’ by Def Leppard

20-Jan-1983: 'Pyromania (Deluxe)', album by Def Leppard Released on Label: Mercury. It is a great day and thankfully Def Leppard can make it even better. Def...
Album cover for Jimi Hendrix's new album: Both Sides of the Sky

Jimi Hendrix’s new album is available on Spotify

09--2018: 'Both Sides of the Sky', album by Jimi Hendrix Label: Legacy Recordings. It looks to be a super day and hopefully Jimi Hendrix can improve...
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New single out by Dillon Francis: White Boi

Album cover for Dillon Francis's new single: White Boi
10-Sep-2018: 'White Boi', single by Dillon Francis Record Label: IDGAFOS. moombahton • dubstep • electro house • seen live • electro The thirty-third single by Dillon Francis...
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Hip Hop


New wave

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