The Black Angels releases new album titled ‘Death Song’

21-Apr-2017: Death Song
Label: PTKF.

The Black Angels: Death Song
The Black Angels: Death Song

April has arrived and The Black Angels just released their latest album ‘Death Song.’ They are predominantly producing music in the psychedelic rock genre.

Since their 2004 beginning in United States of America, they have released eight albums and all but one single. Their previous album ‘Clear Lake Forest’ from Jul-2014 has failed to garner a lot of fans. Go listen to it.

The Black Angels consist of Nate Ryan, Jennifer Raines, Kyle Hunt, Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland and Alex Maas.

‘Death Song’ track list

  • Currency
  • I’d Kill for Her
  • Half Believing
  • Comanche Moon
  • Hunt Me Down
  • Grab as Much (as you can)
  • Estimate
  • I Dreamt
  • Medicine
  • Death March
  • Life Song