The Raveonettes release ‘2016 Atomized’

21-Apr-2017: 2016 Atomized
Label: The Raveonettes, Ltd..

The Raveonettes
The Raveonettes

It’s finally April, and The Raveonettes just released their 13th album ‘2016 Atomized.’

Since their 2001 creation, they have released a plethora of albums (thirteen total). Their previous album ‘Pe’ahi’ from Jul-2014 was not widely listened to.

The Raveonettes is a duo of Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner (coincidentally both were born in 1973).

List of tracks on 2016 Atomized

  • This World Is Empty (Without You)
  • Run Mascara Run
  • Junko Ozawa
  • Scout
  • Won’t You Leave Me Alone
  • Where Are You Wild Horses
  • A Good Fight
  • This Is Where It Ends
  • Choke on Love
  • Fast Food
  • Where Are You Wild Horses – Demo
  • Won’t You Leave Me Alone – Demo

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2016 Atomized
2016 Atomized Album Cover