‘All Your Fault: Pt. 2’ released by Bebe Rexha

11-Aug-2017: ‘All Your Fault: Pt. 2’, album by Bebe Rexha
Record Label: Warner Bros..
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If you are having a bad Friday, your mood is about to improve dramatically. Bebe Rexha’s album ‘All Your Fault: Pt. 2’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you can be among the first to enjoy it.

This image depicts Bebe Rexha
Image of Bebe Rexha

Since Bebe Rexha began creating music, she has released sixteen albums. Some of Bebe Rexha’s top hits include I Got You, I’m Gonna Show You Crazy and No Broken Hearts (feat. Nicki Minaj). Bebe Rexha’s music mostly gravitates around the genres pop music, dance-pop, contemporary R&B and electropop, but fits into many more.

Album cover for Bebe Rexha's new album: All Your Fault: Pt. 2
Album cover for Bebe Rexha’s new album: All Your Fault: Pt. 2

Tracks on All Your Fault: Pt. 2

  • That’s It (feat. Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz)
  • I Got Time
  • The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) [feat. Lil Wayne]
  • (Not) The One
  • Comfortable (feat. Kranium)
  • Meant to Be

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