Lilly Hiatt announce her 4th album Trinity Lane

25-Aug-2017: ‘Trinity Lane’, album by Lilly Hiatt
Record Label: New West Records.

Great news if you enjoy of deep new americana. Raise your head… Catch your breath… Sit between your speakers… Turn up the volume… Lilly Hiatt’s fourth album ‘Trinity Lane’ has hit the streets, and you can be among the first to listen to it.

Since Lilly Hiatt began creating music, she has released four albums and four singles. Lilly Hiatt’s previous album ‘Royal Blue’ from was reasonably popular. Some of Lilly Hiatt’s top tracks include Trinity Lane, The Night David Bowie Died and Everything I Had. Lilly Hiatt is known to create their music in the deep new americana genre.

Track list for ‘Trinity Lane’

  • All Kinds Of People
  • The Night David Bowie Died
  • Trinity Lane
  • Everything I Had
  • I Wanna Go Home
  • Imposter
  • Records
  • Different, I Guess
  • Rotterdam
  • Sucker
  • So Much You Don’t Know
  • See Ya Later
Album cover for Lilly Hiatt's new album: Trinity Lane
Album cover for Lilly Hiatt’s new album: Trinity Lane