Big & Rich releases new single titled ‘Turns Me On’

01-Sep-2017: ‘Turns Me On’, single by Big & Rich
Label: B$R Records.

If you are having a bad Tuesday, your mood is about to take a turn for the better. Big & Rich’s eleventh single ‘Turns Me On’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you can be among the first to listen to it.

This image depicts Big & Rich
Image of Big & Rich

Since Big & Rich began creating music in 1998 back in Nashville in United States of America, they have released six albums and eleven singles. Big & Rich’s previous album ‘Hillbilly Jedi’ from September 2012 was quite popular and well received. Some of Big & Rich’s top hits include Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy), Lost In This Moment and Nobody Told Me. Big & Rich’s tracks often focus on the genres contemporary country, country, country christmas and country road, but fits into many more.

Big & Rich is a duo of Big Kenny and John Rich.

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