Emmalyn’s ‘Self Care’: This is everything we know so far

01-Sep-2017: ‘Self Care’, single by Emmalyn
Label: Emmalyn.

We know, it’s just one more Monday, but we found some news you might want to hear. Shake your head… Inhale.. Exhale.. Inhale.. Exhale…… Turn on your stereo… Dial up the volume… Emmalyn’s fifth single ‘Self Care’ has hit the shelves, and you can be among the first to listen to it.

Album cover for Emmalyn's new single: Self Care
Album cover for Emmalyn’s new single: Self Care

Since Emmalyn began creating music , they have released a bunch of albums (fourteen in total) and five singles. Emmalyn’s previous album ‘ZOUK Recordings – Best Of 2013’ from December 2013 was not played very much on Spotify.

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