Mogwai’s ‘Every Country’s Sun’: This is everything we know so far

01-Sep-2017: ‘Every Country’s Sun’, album by Mogwai
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd..

Your Monday is just about to get better. Mogwai’s eleventh album ‘Every Country’s Sun’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you can be among the first to hear it.

This image depicts Mogwai
Image of Mogwai

Since Mogwai began creating music in 1995 , he has released a bunch of albums (eleven total). Mogwai’s previous album ‘Before the Flood (Music from the Motion Picture)’ from October 2016 was quite popular and well received. Some of Mogwai’s best tracks include Auto Rock, Hunted by a Freak and Friend of the Night. Mogwai’s releases usually gravitates around the genres alternative rock, indie rock, post-rock and compositional ambient, but fits into many more.

Mogwai consists of Stuart Braithwaite, John Cummings, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns and Dominic Aitchison.

‘Every Country’s Sun’ track list

  • Coolverine
  • Party in the Dark
  • Brain Sweeties
  • Crossing the Road Material
  • aka 47
  • 20 Size
  • 1000 Foot Face
  • Don’t Believe the Fife
  • Battered at a Scramble
  • Old Poisons
  • Every Country’s Sun
Album cover for Mogwai's new album: Every Country's Sun
Album cover for Mogwai’s new album: Every Country’s Sun

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