Shoffy releases 5th album titled ‘Shoffy’

09-Sep-2017: ‘Shoffy’, album by Shoffy
Label: Otherground Records.

It seems like a super Tuesday, and hopefully Shoffy will make it even better. Shoffy’s fifth album ‘Shoffy’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you can be among the first to listen to it.

Since Shoffy began creating music he has released five albums and twelve singles. Shoffy’s previous album ‘somewhere between nostalgia and paradise’ from September 2016 was reasonably popular. Some of Shoffy’s top tracks include Different Skies, Takes My Body Higher (feat. Lincoln Jesser) and Goodnight. Shoffy’s releases usually focus on the genres deep tropical house, indie poptimism, tropical house and vapor soul, but fits into many more.

Track list for ‘Shoffy’

  • Flags
  • Lucky
  • What About Us
  • Motions
  • Fake Friends
  • Different Skies
  • Shore
  • So Fast
  • On My Body
  • Pretend
  • We
  • Breathe

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Album cover for Shoffy's new album: Shoffy
Album cover for Shoffy’s new album: Shoffy