Galantis’s ‘The Aviary’: This is everything we know so far

15-Sep-2017: ‘The Aviary’, album by Galantis
Record Label: Big Beat Records.

Galantis is a duo of Christian Karlsson and Style of Eye., and their third album ‘The Aviary’ is out, and you can be among the first to hear it on Spotify.

This image depicts Galantis
Image of Galantis

Since Galantis began creating music in 2012 back in Sweden, they have released three albums and twelve singles. Galantis’s previous album ‘Pharmacy’ from June 2015 was a very popular album that was universally loved. Some of Galantis’s best hits include Runaway (U & I), No Money and Peanut Butter Jelly. Galantis’s tracks often focus on the genres big room, dance pop, edm and electro house, but fits into many more.

‘The Aviary’ track list

  • True Feeling
  • Hey Alligator
  • Girls On Boys
  • Salvage (Up All Night) [feat.Poo Bear]
  • Tell Me You Love Me
  • Hello
  • Hunter
  • Written In The Scars (feat. Wrabel)
  • Call Me Home
  • Love On Me
  • Pillow Fight
  • No Money

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Album cover for Galantis's new album: The Aviary
Album cover for Galantis’s new album: The Aviary