Grace VanderWaal release So Much More Than This

15-Sep-2017: ‘So Much More Than This’, single by Grace VanderWaal
Label: Syco Music/Columbia Records.

It seems like a great Wednesday, and we trust Grace VanderWaal will make it even better. Grace VanderWaal’s sixth single ‘So Much More Than This’ has been released, and you can be among the first to listen to it.

Since Grace VanderWaal began creating music she has released two albums and six singles. Grace VanderWaal’s first album ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ from December 2016 was a very popular album that was universally loved. Some of Grace VanderWaal’s top hits include Moonlight, I Don’t Know My Name and Beautiful Thing. Grace VanderWaal’s previous albums has been grounded in pop, teen pop and viral pop.

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Album cover for Grace VanderWaal's new single: So Much More Than This
Album cover for Grace VanderWaal’s new single: So Much More Than This