‘Vacation’ is a new album by Seaway

15-Sep-2017: ‘Vacation’, album by Seaway
Record Label: Pure Noise Records.

Seaway’s fourth album ‘Vacation’ is out, available now on Spotify.

Since Seaway began creating music they have released four albums and two singles. Seaway’s previous album ‘Colour Blind’ from October 2015 was quite popular and well received. Some of Seaway’s top tracks include Sabrina The Teenage Bitch, Best Mistake and Shy Guys. Seaway’s music regularly gravitates around the genres alternative emo, anthem emo, pop emo and pop punk, but fits into many more.

‘Vacation’ track list

  • Apartment
  • Neurotic
  • London
  • Lula on the Beach
  • Something Wonderful
  • Curse Me Out
  • Day Player
  • Misery in You
  • Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast or Don’t
  • Car Seat Magazine
  • 40 Over
  • When I Hang Up

Play the album now on Spotify

Album cover for Seaway's new album: Vacation
Album cover for Seaway’s new album: Vacation