New album released by Nothing More: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

15-Sep-2017: ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’, album by Nothing More
Label: Better Noise Records.

It seems like a wonderful Thursday, and we trust Nothing More could make it even better. Nothing More’s third album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ has hit the streets, and you can be among the first to hear it.

This image depicts Nothing More
Image of Nothing More

Since Nothing More began creating music in 2003 back in United States of America, they have released three albums and thirteen singles. Nothing More’s previous self-titled album ‘Nothing More’ from June 2014 was quite popular and well received. Some of Nothing More’s best hits include This Is the Time (Ballast), Jenny and Here’s To The Heartache. Nothing More’s tracks usually focus on the genres alternative metal, nu metal, post-grunge and rap metal, but fits into many more.

Nothing More consists of Jonny Hawkins, Mark Vollelunga and Daniel Oliver.

Track list for ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’

  • Ambition / Destruction
  • Do You Really Want It
  • Convict / Divide
  • Let ’em Burn
  • Ripping Me Apart
  • Don’t Stop
  • Funny Little Creatures
  • React / Respond
  • The Great Divorce
  • Still In Love
  • Alone / Together
  • Go To War
  • Just Say When
  • Accept / Disconnect
  • Who We Are
  • Tunnels
  • End / Begin
  • Fade In / Fade Out

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Album cover for Nothing More's new album: The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Album cover for Nothing More’s new album: The Stories We Tell Ourselves