The 3rd single ‘Kind God’, by Marvin Sapp is out

15-Sep-2017: ‘Kind God’, single by Marvin Sapp
Record Label: RCA Inspiration.

Your Friday is about to get a lot better. Marvin Sapp’s third single ‘Kind God’ has hit the streets, and you can be among the first to enjoy it.

Since Marvin Sapp began creating music he has released a plethora of albums (thirteen total) and three singles. Marvin Sapp’s previous album ‘Christmas Card’ from October 2013 was quite popular and well received. Some of Marvin Sapp’s best tracks include Never Would Have Made It, You Are God Alone and Praise Him In Advance (Intro).

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Album cover for Marvin Sapp's new single: Kind God
Album cover for Marvin Sapp’s new single: Kind God