David Kamau Ng’ang’a release TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD

12-Sep-2017: ‘TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD’, album by David Kamau Ng’ang’a
Record Label: Invisible Firm.

David Kamau Ng’ang’a’s sixth album ‘TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD’ has been released, and you can be among the first to hear it. The title is one of the craziest we’ve seen all year…

Since David Kamau Ng’ang’a began creating music he has released six albums and ten singles. David Kamau Ng’ang’a’s previous album ‘A Gorgeous Fortune EP’ from July 2016 was quite popular and well received. Some of David Kamau Ng’ang’a’s best tracks include Hey Ya, Jusfayu (feat. No Wyld) and Gaims. David Kamau Ng’ang’a is known to dabble in the brazilian hip hop genre.


  • PŭRL
  • GRā (feat. Nkō Khélí)
  • CŭNăRí
  • MŭRíN
  • PĭTCH
  • MĭNT (feat. Talibah Safiya)
  • LăVĭNDŭR
  • NāVí
  • BŭRGŭNDí
  • HāZĭL
  • GōLD

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Album cover for David Kamau Ng’ang’a's new album: TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD
Album cover for David Kamau Ng’ang’a’s new album: TheKAMAU-CASSETTE: ŭRTH GōLD