Now on Spotify: ‘ununiform’ by Tricky

22-Sep-2017: ‘ununiform’, album by Tricky
Label: False Idols.

Tricky’s tenth album ‘ununiform’ is out, and you can be among the first to listen to it. Tricky is said to be inspired by The Specials.

This image depicts Tricky
Image of Tricky

Since Tricky began creating music he has released a pile of albums (ten total). Tricky’s previous album ‘ununiform’ from September 2017 was not played very much on Spotify. Some of Tricky’s best tracks include Overcome, Hell Is Round the Corner and Black Steel. Tricky’s music mostly focus on the genres acid jazz, big beat, electronic and nu jazz, but fits into many more.

‘ununiform’ track list

  • Obia Intro
  • Same As It Ever Was
  • New Stole
  • Wait For Signal
  • It’s Your Day
  • Blood Of My Blood
  • Dark Days
  • The Only Way
  • Armor
  • Doll
  • Bang Boogie
  • Running Wild
  • When We Die

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Album cover for Tricky's new album: ununiform
Album cover for Tricky’s new album: ununiform