Out on Spotify: ‘Unstoppable’ by Karol G

27-Oct-2017: ‘Unstoppable’, album by Karol G
Record Label: UMLE – Latino.

It seems like a super day and hopefully Karol G can improve upon it further. Karol G’s sixteenth album ‘Unstoppable’ is now available, and you can be among the first to hear the album.

Since Karol G began making music she has released a plethora of albums (sixteen total) and nineteen singles. Karol G’s previous album ‘Bailar Y Gozar’ from July 2017 was quite popular and well received. Karol G’s most loved tunes include Ahora Me Llama, Mi Mala and A Ella.

Track list for ‘Unstoppable’

  • Ganas De Ti
  • La Dama
  • Hello
  • El Pecado
  • A Solas
  • Ahora Me Llama
  • Eres Mi Todo
  • Amor No Hay
  • A Ella
  • Muñeco De Lego
  • Casi Nada
  • Lo Sabe Dios
  • Ahora Me Llama – Remix

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Album cover for Karol G's new album: Unstoppable
Album cover for Karol G’s new album: Unstoppable