The new release ‘Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)’ by R.E.M. is now on Spotify

10-Nov-2017: ‘Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)’, album by R.E.M.
Released on Label: Concord Records.

It looks to be a joyful day and hopefully R.E.M. will make it even better. R.E.M.’s thirtieth album ‘Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)’ is now available, and you can be among the first to hear the album. Even if you have never heard of R.E.M., you should know that R.E.M. has been honored with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

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Since R.E.M. began making music in 1980 back in Athens in United States of America, they have released a pile of albums (thirty total) and one single, Photograph (Demo). R.E.M.’s previous album ‘Collapse Into Now’ from March 2011 was quite popular and well received. R.E.M. is forever associated with the tracks Losing My Religion, Everybody Hurts and Man on the Moon. R.E.M.’s tracks usually fits into the genres alternative rock, college rock, jangle pop and album rock, but fits into many more.

R.E.M. consists entirely of R.E.M..

Track list for ‘Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)’

  • Drive
  • Try Not To Breathe
  • The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
  • Everybody Hurts
  • New Orleans Instrumental No. 1
  • Sweetness Follows
  • Monty Got A Raw Deal
  • Ignoreland
  • Star Me Kitten
  • Man On The Moon
  • Nightswimming
  • Find The River
  • Drive – Live
  • Monty Got A Raw Deal – Live
  • Everybody Hurts – Live
  • Man On The Moon – Live
  • Losing My Religion – Live
  • Country Feedback – Live
  • Begin The Begin – Live
  • Fall On Me – Live
  • Me In Honey – Live
  • Finest Worksong – Live
  • Love Is All Around – Live
  • Funtime – Live
  • Radio Free Europe – Live
  • Drive – Demo
  • Wake Her Up – Demo
  • Mike’s Pop Song – Demo
  • C To D Slide 13 – Demo
  • Cello Scud – Demo
  • 10K Minimal – Demo
  • Peter’s New Song – Demo
  • Eastern 983111 – Demo
  • Bill’s Acoustic – Demo
  • Arabic Feedback – Demo
  • Howler Monkey – Demo
  • Pakiderm – Demo
  • Afterthought – Demo
  • Bazouki Song – Demo
  • Photograph – Demo
  • Michael’s Organ – Demo
  • Pete’s Acoustic Idea – Demo
  • 6-8 Passion & Voc – Demo
  • Hey Love – Mike Voc / Demo
  • Devil Rides Backwards – Demo

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Album cover for R.E.M.'s new album: Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)
Album cover for R.E.M.’s new album: Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Edition)