The 20th single ‘Worth It’, by Danielle Bradbery is out

10-Nov-2017: ‘Worth It’, single by Danielle Bradbery
Record Label: BMLG Records.

However miserable your week has been so far, it’s about to improve. Danielle Bradbery’s twentieth single ‘Worth It’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and now is your opportunity to join the ranks of the first of anyone in the world to listen to the single.

This photo depicts Danielle Bradbery
Image of Danielle Bradbery

Since Danielle Bradbery began making music she has released three albums and twenty singles. Danielle Bradbery’s previous album ‘The Complete Season 4 Collection (The Voice Performance)’ from January 2013 was quite popular and well received. Danielle Bradbery’s most loved tunes include The Heart of Dixie, Young in America and Friend Zone. Danielle Bradbery is known to dabble in the country music genre.

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Album cover for Danielle Bradbery's new single: Worth It
Album cover for Danielle Bradbery’s new single: Worth It