Digitalism announce their 17th single 5KY11GHT

24-Nov-2017: ‘5KY11GHT’, single by Digitalism
Record Label: Magnetism.

However your month has been up until now, it’s about to get a heck of a lot better. Digitalism’s seventeenth single ‘5KY11GHT’ has been released, and this is your opportunity to be one of the first of your friends and family to enjoy it.

This image depicts Digitalism
Image of Digitalism

Since Digitalism began making music in 2004 they have released five albums and seventeen singles. Digitalism’s previous album ‘Moshi Moshi’ from December 2008 was quite popular and well received. Digitalism is irreversibly associated with the tracks Pogo, Zdarlight and Idealistic. Digitalism is known to dabble in the electronic music genre.

Digitalism is a duo of Jens Moelle and Ismail Tuefekci.

‘5KY11GHT’ track list

  • Spektrum
  • Jet
  • Highspeed Sunrise
  • Spektrum2000
  • Spektrum – Radio Edit

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Album cover for Digitalism's new single: 5KY11GHT
Album cover for Digitalism’s new single: 5KY11GHT