‘This Christmas (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC)’ released by Lalah Hathaway

29-Nov-2017: ‘This Christmas (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC)’, single by Lalah Hathaway
Released on Label: Hathaway Entertainment.

We have some news for you. Lalah Hathaway’s twelfth single ‘This Christmas (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC)’ is out, and now is the opportunity to join the ranks of the first among your friends to listen to the single. Even if you never have heard of Lalah Hathaway, you should be aware that Lalah Hathaway got the Grammy Award.

Since Lalah Hathaway began making music she has released a bunch of albums (twenty-four total) and twelve singles. Lalah Hathaway’s previous album ‘Lalah Hathaway Live!’ from October 2015 was quite popular and well received. Lalah Hathaway is well known for her tracks Forever, For Always, For Love, Let Go and That Was Then. Lalah Hathaway is known to dabble in the soul music genre.

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Album cover for Lalah Hathaway's new single: This Christmas (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC)
Album cover for Lalah Hathaway’s new single: This Christmas (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC)


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