Codes release 16th single named ‘Pleasure EP’

01-Dec-2017: ‘Pleasure EP’, single by Codes
Released on Label: STMPD RCRDS.

Good news if you are a fan of indie rock. Codes’s sixteenth single ‘Pleasure EP’ has hit the streets, and you can be one of the first to hear the single.

Album cover for Codes's new single: Pleasure EP
Album cover for Codes’s new single: Pleasure EP

Since Codes began making music he has released a pile of albums (ten total) and sixteen singles. Codes’s previous album ‘Brooklyn Bounce Album’ from September 2014 was not widely listened to. Codes’s most shared tracks include Tap That Ass, Bumps to Life and Bumps. Codes is also know as Remixer/Producer Matthew Cody Murray.

List of tracks on Pleasure EP

  • Pleasure
  • Reality Music
  • Tap That Ass

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Spotify: Play Pleasure EP now


    • Oh no, we messed up. We found the problem and really hope this won’t happen again. An interesting fact is that Spotify has the genre for Codes set as “irish rock”, which is something we use as one of our inputs as we generally trust Spotify to get it right. We’ll let them know they may be a bit off on this one 🙂

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