Story of the Year’s ‘Wolves’: This is we know so far

08-Dec-2017: ‘Wolves’, album by Story of the Year
Released on Label: Story of the Year.

Your morning is about to get better. Story of the Year’s seventeenth album ‘Wolves’ has hit the streets, and you have a chance to be one of the first among your friends to hear it.

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Since Story of the Year began creating music in 1995 back in United States of America, they have released a bunch of albums (seventeen in total) and eight singles. Story of the Year’s previous album ‘Page Avenue: Ten Years and Counting’ from October 2013 was quite popular and well received. Story of the Year is probably best known for the tracks Until the Day I Die, Anthem of Our Dying Day and And the Hero Will Drown. Story of the Year’s tracks mostly focus on the genres alternative metal, christian alternative rock, emo and melodic metalcore, but fits into many more.

Story of the Year consists of Philip Sneed, Josh Wills, Dan Marsala and Ryan Phillips.

Track list for ‘Wolves’

  • Wolves
  • How Can We Go On
  • Bang Bang
  • Youth
  • I Swear I’m Okay
  • Miracle
  • Can Anybody Hear Me
  • A Part of Me
  • Give up My Heart
  • The Eternal Battle for Mike Cronin’s Soul (To Be Alive Again)
  • My Home
  • Goodnight, My Love
  • Like Ghosts
  • Praying for Rain

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Album cover for Story of the Year's new album: Wolves
Album cover for Story of the Year’s new album: Wolves