Available on Spotify: ‘Sex’ by NoMBe

13-Dec-2017: ‘Sex’, single by NoMBe
Record Label: TH3RD BRAIN.

We got some great news for you. NoMBe’s nineteenth single ‘Sex’ has hit the shelves, and you can be among the first to immerse yourself in it.

Since NoMBe began creating music he has released four albums and nineteen singles. NoMBe’s previous album ‘Wait Remixes’ from April 2017 was quite popular and well received. NoMBe is best known for his tracks Wait, Freak Like Me and California Girls (NoMBe vs. Sonny Alven). NoMBe’s previous albums has has mostly been in the genres of deep indie r&b, indie poptimism and vapor soul.

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Album cover for NoMBe's new single: Sex
Album cover for NoMBe’s new single: Sex