‘Flute Loop (feat. Ouici)’ is the 14th single from Keys N Krates

26-Dec-2017: ‘Flute Loop (feat. Ouici)’, single by Keys N Krates
Released on Label: Dim Mak.

Your morning is about to get better. Keys N Krates’s fourteenth single ‘Flute Loop (feat. Ouici)’ has hit the streets (those mean mean streets), and you can be one of the first to listen to the single.

Since Keys N Krates began making music in 2008 back in Toronto in Canada, they have released a whole lot of albums (nineteen total) and fourteen singles. Keys N Krates’s previous album ‘Midnite Mass EP’ from January 2016 was quite popular and well received. Keys N Krates is best known for the tracks Dum Dee Dum, Are We Faded – Original Mix and Treat Me Right. Keys N Krates’s creations regularly gravitates around the genres bass trap, brostep, edm and electro house, but fits into many more.

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Album cover for Keys N Krates's new single: Flute Loop (feat. Ouici)
Album cover for Keys N Krates’s new single: Flute Loop (feat. Ouici)