‘Vibes’ is the 10th single from Adelitas Way

15-Dec-2017: ‘Vibes’, single by Adelitas Way
Released on Label: Vegas Syn/The Fuel Music.

Your life is all set to get a lot better. Adelitas Way’s tenth single ‘Vibes’ has been released, and this moment is your chance to join the ranks of the first of anyone in the world to immerse yourself in the single.

This photo depicts Adelitas Way
Image of Adelitas Way

Since Adelitas Way began creating music in 2006 back in United States of America, they have released nine albums and ten singles. Adelitas Way’s previous album ‘Getaway’ from February 2016 was quite popular and well received. Adelitas Way is probably best known for the tracks Hate Love, Scream and So What If You Go. Adelitas Way’s releases often fits into the genres alternative metal, christian alternative rock, nu metal and post-grunge, but fits into many more.

Adelitas Way is a duo of Rick DeJesus and Trevor “Tre” Stafford.

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Album cover for Adelitas Way's new single: Vibes
Album cover for Adelitas Way’s new single: Vibes