Escape the Fate announce their 17th single Broken Heart

12-Jan-2018: ‘Broken Heart’, single by Escape the Fate
Record Label: Better Noise Records.

It seems like a amazing day and thankfully Escape the Fate can improve upon it further. Escape the Fate’s seventeenth single ‘Broken Heart’ has been released, and you can be among the first to hear the single.

This image depicts Escape the Fate
Image of Escape the Fate

Since Escape the Fate began creating music in 2005 back in Las Vegas in United States of America, they have released a truckload of albums (nineteen total) and seventeen singles. Escape the Fate’s previous album ‘Hate Me (Commentary)’ from November 2015 was reasonably popular. Escape the Fate is probably most known for the tracks Situations, The Webs We Weave and My Apocalypse. Escape the Fate’s creations mostly gravitates around the genres alternative metal, emo, metalcore and pixie, but fits into many more.

Escape the Fate consists entirely of Escape the Fate.

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Album cover for Escape the Fate's new single: Broken Heart
Album cover for Escape the Fate’s new single: Broken Heart