Out on Spotify: ‘Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)’ by Chad Fischer

19-Jan-2018: ‘Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)’, album by Chad Fischer
Record Label: Hollywood Records.

We are going to take a leap of faith. Our staff know you may not know Chad Fischer (honestly, just not that popular yet), but your weird uncle Bernie always said you had to try new things. Seize the moment!. Chad Fischer’s seventh album ‘Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)’ is out, and this very moment is your opportunity to join the ranks of the first among your friends to listen to it.

Album cover for Chad Fischer's new album: Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)
Album cover for Chad Fischer’s new album: Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)

Since Chad Fischer began creating music they have released seven albums. Chad Fischer’s previous album ‘Chasing Mavericks’ from October 2012 was saw some success. Chad Fischer’s most loved tracks include The Rocker Score Suite, Alone Again and Map of My Heart.

‘Scandal (Original Television Series Soundtrack)’ track list

  • B6-13
  • Run Baby Run
  • Honor the Uniform
  • Mellie Reveals Affair
  • Cyrus Breaks Down
  • Take It from Jake
  • Pope & Associates
  • Olitz Love Theme
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Who Gave the Order
  • Rowen
  • Let Me Discipline My Dog
  • Not Choosing Me Is Okay
  • Sitting Over Dead Son
  • Get Out of My House
  • Property of Leo Bergen
  • Take What’s Yours
  • Rowen Escapes
  • It’s Handled Baby
  • Olitz Love Theme Reprise
  • Rowen’s Revenge
  • Scandal End Credits Theme

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