Tom Misch’s new single is on Spotify

22-Jan-2018: ‘Water Baby’, single by Tom Misch
Record Label: Beyond The Groove 4.

It is a joyful day and we trust Tom Misch can add to that. Tom Misch’s twenty-sixth single ‘Water Baby’ has hit the streets, and you have a opportunity to be one of the first of anyone in the world to listen to the single.

Since Tom Misch began creating music he has released a plethora of albums (twelve total) and twenty-six singles. Tom Misch’s previous album ‘Fresh Edge’ from October 2017 was quite popular and well received. Tom Misch is probably most known for his tracks Beautiful Escape, South of the River and Movie. Tom Misch’s creations often focus on the genres deep indie r&b, indie r&b, neo soul and vapor soul, but fits into many more.

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Album cover for Tom Misch's new single: Water Baby
Album cover for Tom Misch’s new single: Water Baby