The 6th single ‘TalkTalk’, by A Perfect Circle is out

05-Feb-2018: ‘TalkTalk’, single by A Perfect Circle
Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC.

It looks to be a wonderful day and hopefully A Perfect Circle can make sing out in joy. A Perfect Circle’s sixth single ‘TalkTalk’ has been released, and this is your chance to join the ranks of the first of your friends and family to listen to it.

This photo depicts A Perfect Circle
Image of A Perfect Circle

Since A Perfect Circle began creating music in 1999 back in United States of America, they have released eight albums and six singles. A Perfect Circle’s previous album ‘Stone and Echo: Live at Red Rocks’ from November 2013 was quite popular and well received. A Perfect Circle’s most beloved tunes include Judith, The Outsider and Weak And Powerless. A Perfect Circle’s music regularly focus on the genres alternative metal, alternative rock, funk rock and modern rock, but fits into many more.

A Perfect Circle consists of Jeff Friedl, Matt McJunkins, Billy Howerdel, Maynard James Keenan and James Iha.

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Album cover for A Perfect Circle's new single: TalkTalk
Album cover for A Perfect Circle’s new single: TalkTalk