Chris Cornell’s new single is out on Spotify

26-Feb-2018: ‘You Never Knew My Mind’, single by Chris Cornell
Released on Label: Legacy Recordings.

However your month has been so far, it’s about to get better. Chris Cornell’s single ‘You Never Knew My Mind’ has hit the streets, and now is your opportunity to join the ranks of the first among your friends to enjoy the single.

This photo depicts Chris Cornell
Image of Chris Cornell

Since Chris Cornell began creating music he has released a plethora of albums (thirty-six combined). Chris Cornell’s previous album ‘Third And Double’ from 2017-02-08 was not widely listened to. Some of Chris Cornell’s top tracks include You Know My Name, Can’t Change Me and Billie Jean. Chris Cornell’s creations usually gravitates around the genres rock music, alternative metal, alternative rock and grunge, but fits into many more.

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Album cover for Chris Cornell's new single: You Never Knew My Mind
Album cover for Chris Cornell’s new single: You Never Knew My Mind