Dodge & Fuski’s ‘The Greatest Album Of All Time’: Everything we know so far

26-Mar-2018: ‘The Greatest Album Of All Time’, album by Dodge & Fuski
Record Label: Disciple.

The second album by Dodge & Fuski is named ‘The Greatest Album Of All Time’ and was just released on label Disciple and is now available on Spotify. The album is growing in popularity among Last.FM users.

Album cover for Dodge & Fuski's new album: The Greatest Album Of All Time
Album cover for Dodge & Fuski’s new album: The Greatest Album Of All Time

Since Dodge & Fuski began making music they have released two albums and thirty-nine singles. Dodge & Fuski’s first album ‘Wilderness Of Mirrors The Remixes’ from 2018-03-07 was quite popular and well received. Some of Dodge & Fuski’s most popular tracks include Come Again, Aerophobia and Python. Dodge & Fuski’s music mostly focus on the genres bass trap, brostep, catstep and complextro, but fits into many more.

Dodge & Fuski consists entirely of Dodge.

List of tracks on The Greatest Album Of All Time

  • Intro Ft. Morgan Freemon – Dodge & Fuski and Morgan Freemon
  • Back With A Vengeance
  • Mistakes Ft. The Arcturians – Dodge & Fuski, PhaseOne and The Arcturians
  • Exposure Ft. Laura Lux – Dodge & Fuski and Laura Lux
  • Dog Eat Dog – Dodge & Fuski and Ivory
  • Hungry Hippos – Dodge & Fuski and Dubloadz
  • Little Blip
  • Silence Is Golden
  • Massacre
  • Take Me Over – Dodge & Fuski and Oolacile
  • Streets Of Rage
  • Normalitea – Dodge & Fuski and Infekt
  • Turnidup – Dodge & Fuski and Protohype

Listen now on Spotify