‘Feels Like Air’ is a new album from ISLAND

06-Apr-2018: ‘Feels Like Air’, album by ISLAND
Record Label: Frenchkiss Records.

The first album by ISLAND is named ‘Feels Like Air’ and was just released on label Frenchkiss Records and is now available on Spotify. The album has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular (or just to soon to tell).

Since ISLAND began making music they have released just one album and nine singles. ISLAND is irreversibly associated with the tracks Stargazer, Dreaming Of and Come with Me. ISLAND is known to stick to the indie anthem-folk genre.

ISLAND consists entirely of Peter Scherer.

‘Feels Like Air’ track list

  • Ride
  • Try
  • The Day I Die
  • Something Perfect
  • Interlude
  • Horizon
  • Moth
  • We Can Go Anywhere
  • God Forgive
  • Feels Like Air
  • Lilyflower

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Album cover for ISLAND's new album: Feels Like Air
Album cover for ISLAND’s new album: Feels Like Air