Now on Spotify: ‘Battered Bruised & Bloody’ by Carnage

13-Apr-2018: ‘Battered Bruised & Bloody’, album by Carnage
Label: BMG Rights Management (US) LLC.

Carnage’s third album was released on the label BMG Rights Management (US) LLC and can be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular or needs some time to get played.

Since Carnage began creating music he has released three albums and forty singles. Carnage’s previous album ‘Papi Gordo’ from 2015-10-30 was a quite popular album, universally loved. Carnage’s most shared hits include I Like Tuh, Bricks and Toca. Carnage’s releases regularly gravitates around the genres edm, electronic trap, rap and trap music, but fits into many more.

Carnage was born in Guatemala City in January 1991. Carnage is known for working as singer, record producer and composer.

‘Battered Bruised & Bloody’ track list

  • Headlock (feat. Killy) Explicit LyricsCarnage and KILLY
  • Block You (feat. Deko) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Deko
  • Learn How to Watch (feat. Mac Miller & MadeinTYO) Explicit LyricsCarnage, Mac Miller and MadeinTYO
  • i Shyne Explicit LyricsCarnage and Lil Pump
  • Motorola (feat. Lil B) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Lil B
  • Up NXW (feat. Scarlxrd) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Scarlxrd
  • MOROKOMBA! – Carnage and Skellism
  • Plur Genocide (feat. Lockdown) Explicit LyricsCarnage, Steve Aoki and Lockdown
  • Visa (feat. Young Troy) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Young Troy
  • Close To Me (feat. Reo Cragun) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Reo Cragun
  • Overtime (feat. Sebastian Reynoso & KYLE) Explicit LyricsCarnage, KYLE and Sebastian Reynoso
  • Bed Bugs (feat. Nessly, Yung Pinch, Takeoff) Explicit LyricsCarnage, Nessly, Takeoff and Yung Pinch
  • Waterworld (feat. Migos) Explicit LyricsCarnage and Migos

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Album cover for Carnage's new album: Battered Bruised & Bloody
Album cover for Carnage’s new album: Battered Bruised & Bloody