‘Esskeetit’ released by Lil Pump

13-Apr-2018: ‘Esskeetit’, single by Lil Pump
Label: Warner Bros..

The nineteenth single by Lil Pump is named ‘Esskeetit’ and was just released on label Warner Bros. and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

This photo depicts Lil Pump
Image of Lil Pump

Since Lil Pump began creating music he has released seven albums and nineteen singles. Lil Pump’s previous album ‘Lil Rich Mixtape’ from 2018-04-06 was modestly popular. Lil Pump is probably best known for his tracks Gucci Gang, Designer and Boss. Lil Pump is known to stick to the trap rap genre.

Lil Pump was born in Miami in August 2000.

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Album cover for Lil Pump's new single: Esskeetit
Album cover for Lil Pump’s new single: Esskeetit