Wiz Khalifa release new single named ‘420 Freestyle’

19-Apr-2018: ‘420 Freestyle’, single by Wiz Khalifa
Released on Label: Taylor Gang/Atlantic.

The tenth single by Wiz Khalifa is titled ‘420 Freestyle’ and was just released on label Taylor Gang/Atlantic and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it is too close to its release date.

Even if you never have heard of Wiz Khalifa, you should be aware that Wiz Khalifa has received the BET Award for Best New Artist. Wiz Khalifa is said to be influenced by Jimi Hendrix.

This photo depicts Wiz Khalifa
Image of Wiz Khalifa

Since Wiz Khalifa began creating music he has released a whole lot of albums (twenty-four total) and ten singles. Wiz Khalifa’s previous album ‘TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening’ from 2016-06-10 was quite popular and well received. Wiz Khalifa is well known for his tracks Say Yeah, Black and Yellow and Intro. Wiz Khalifa’s tracks regularly gravitates around the genres hip hop music, hip hop, pop rap and rap, but fits into many more.

Wiz Khalifa was born in Minot in September 1991 and was educated at Taylor Allderdice High School. Wiz Khalifa is known for working as rapper, musician, actor, singer-songwriter, singer, television actor and film actor.

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Album cover for Wiz Khalifa's new single: 420 Freestyle
Album cover for Wiz Khalifa’s new single: 420 Freestyle