nobigdyl. release new single named ‘enemies?’

11-Apr-2018: ‘enemies?’, single by nobigdyl.
Record Label: Capitol CMG Label Group.

The sixteenth single by nobigdyl. is named ‘enemies?’ and was just released on label Capitol CMG Label Group and is now available on Spotify. The single is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

Album cover for nobigdyl.'s new single: enemies?
Album cover for nobigdyl.’s new single: enemies?

Since nobigdyl. began creating music they have released a plethora of albums (fifteen combined) and sixteen singles. nobigdyl.’s previous album ‘What More Could You Ask for?’ from 2017-11-24 was quite popular and well received. nobigdyl. is probably best known for the tracks Shakira (feat. Marty), Purple Dinosaur and Suicide Nets (feat. Emily Allman). nobigdyl. is perhaps best known for super traditional christian trap tunes.

Spotify: Play enemies?