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18-Apr-2018: ‘sad girl’, single by Sasha Sloan
Label: RCA Records Label.

The twelfth single by Sasha Sloan is named ‘sad girl’ and was just released on label RCA Records Label and is now available on Spotify. The single is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

Since Sasha Sloan began creating music she has released three albums and twelve singles. Sasha Sloan’s previous album ‘A Moment Apart’ from 2017-09-08 was quite popular and well received. Sasha Sloan’s most beloved tracks include Normal, Psychopath – Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC and Ready Yet. Sasha Sloan is known to stick to the indie poptimism genre.

Tracks on sad girl

  • Normal
  • Fall Explicit Lyrics
  • Ready Yet Explicit Lyrics
  • Hurt
  • Runaway Explicit Lyrics
  • Here

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Album cover for Sasha Sloan's new single: sad girl
Album cover for Sasha Sloan’s new single: sad girl