The 11th single ‘Ye Vs The People’, by Kanye West is out

28-Apr-2018: ‘Ye Vs The People’, single by Kanye West
Released on Label: Rock The World/IDJ/Kanye LP7.

Kanye West’s eleventh single was just released on label Rock The World/IDJ/Kanye LP7 and can be found on Spotify. The single is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Even if you never have heard of Kanye West, you should be aware that Kanye West has been honored with the Grammy Award for Best Blues Collaboration and Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.

This image depicts Kanye West
Image of Kanye West

Since Kanye West began creating music he has released a truckload of albums (twenty-two combined) and eleven singles. Kanye West’s previous album ‘Yeezus’ from 2013-01-01 was a very popular album, universally loved. Kanye West’s most popular tunes include Stronger, Heartless and Love Lockdown. Kanye West’s previous albums has been grounded in pop, pop rap and rap.

Kanye West was born in Atlanta in June 1977 and was educated at Chicago State University. Kanye West is known for working as singer, film director, blogger, rapper, businessperson, restaurateur, songwriter and record producer.

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Album cover for Kanye West's new single: Ye Vs The People
Album cover for Kanye West’s new single: Ye Vs The People