Wiwek releases new album named ‘Jungle Terror Saga’

27-Apr-2018: ‘Jungle Terror Saga’, album by Wiwek
Record Label: Barong Family.

The first album by Wiwek is named ‘Jungle Terror Saga’ and was just released on label Barong Family and is now available on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Album cover for Wiwek's new album: Jungle Terror Saga
Album cover for Wiwek’s new album: Jungle Terror Saga

Since Wiwek began creating music he has released just one album and forty-three singles. Wiwek is forever associated with his tracks Killa (feat. Elliphant), Killa (feat. Elliphant) – Slushii Remix and Rebels (feat. Audio Bullys). Wiwek’s releases usually focus on the genres brostep, deep big room, edm and electro house, but fits into many more.

List of tracks on Jungle Terror Saga

  • Lost City
  • Riot
  • Rodman – Wiwek, Dirtcaps, Kalibwoy, Stush and Lil Debbie
  • Boomshakatak – Wiwek and Alvaro
  • Bollydome
  • Laile Laile – Wiwek and +44
  • Coco Nutz
  • Global March
  • Jungle Matrix
  • Ni de Coña – Wiwek and Mike Cervello

Spotify: Play Jungle Terror Saga