Pete Yorn’s new single is available on Spotify

20-Apr-2018: ‘Bad Dreams’, single by Pete Yorn
Record Label: Capitol Records (US1A).

Pete Yorn’s thirteenth single was released on the label Capitol Records (US1A) and is now available on Spotify. The single is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it’s not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Album cover for Pete Yorn's new single: Bad Dreams
Album cover for Pete Yorn’s new single: Bad Dreams

Since Pete Yorn began creating music he has released a plethora of albums (thirteen combined) and thirteen singles. Pete Yorn’s previous album ‘Volume 1’ from 2015-12-07 was saw some success. Pete Yorn is probably best known for his tracks Just Another, Lose You and Strange Condition. Pete Yorn’s previous albums has been grounded in folk-pop, neo mellow and pop rock.

Pete Yorn was born in Montville in July 1974 and was educated at Syracuse University. Pete Yorn is known for working as singer-songwriter, musician, songwriter and guitarist.

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Pete Yorn