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11-May-2018: ‘Hella Cash’, album by Josylvio
Label: Hella Cash.

Josylvio’s twenty-third album was just released on label Hella Cash and can now be streamed on Spotify. The album has no rating on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or needs some time to get played.

Since Josylvio began making music he has released a truckload of albums (twenty-three total) and nineteen singles. Josylvio’s previous album ‘Reset The Levels III’ from May 2018 was a very popular album, universally loved. Some of Josylvio’s most popular tunes include Hey Meisje, Rich and Ride Or Die. Josylvio is possibly most well known for super traditional dutch hip hop songs.

‘Hella Cash’ track list

  • Fake Love Explicit Lyrics
  • Nefertiti Explicit Lyrics
  • Op Je Hoede Explicit LyricsJosylvio, Hef and Moeman
  • Skittle Stacking Explicit Lyrics
  • Automatic Explicit Lyrics
  • Catch Up Explicit Lyrics
  • Beweeg Explicit Lyrics
  • Jompo Explicit LyricsJosylvio and 3robi
  • Paars Licht Explicit Lyrics
  • Skiemen Explicit LyricsJosylvio and Frenna
  • No Go Explicit LyricsJosylvio and Zefanio
  • Alles Of Niets Explicit LyricsJosylvio and Sevn Alias
  • Gold Chain Explicit LyricsJosylvio, Yade Lauren and Kevin
  • Unstoppable Explicit Lyrics
  • Money Komt, Money Gaat Explicit Lyrics
  • Hood Rich Explicit LyricsJosylvio and Alrima
  • HCG Explicit Lyrics
  • Mijn Zijde Explicit LyricsJosylvio and Jayh
  • Rich Explicit Lyrics

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