invention_’s new single is on Spotify

30-Apr-2018: ‘Re-Leaf’, single by invention_
Label: Radio Juicy.

invention_’s eleventh single was released on the label Radio Juicy and can be streamed on Spotify. The single is not seeing a lot of plays by Last.FM users.

Since invention_ began making music they have released seven albums and eleven singles. invention_’s previous album ‘Hibernature’ from 2017-08-31 was quite popular and well received. Some of invention_’s best tracks include landrace, Vscrl_ and stxck. invention_ is known to create their music in the chillhop genre.

‘Re-Leaf’ track list

  • Blxxm_no.1
  • Drxzzl_
  • Kloudbound
  • Way_home

Listen now on Spotify

Album cover for invention_'s new single: Re-Leaf
Album cover for invention_’s new single: Re-Leaf