Plan B release Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose

04-May-2018: ‘Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose’, album by Plan B
Record Label: Atlantic Records UK.

Plan B’s seventh album was released on label Atlantic Records UK and can now be streamed on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it’s not all that popular or needs some time to get played.

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Since Plan B began making music he has released seven albums and thirty-two singles. Plan B’s previous album ‘Ill Manors (Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture)’ from 2012-07-23 was Not all that popular in the mainstream. Plan B’s top rated hits include She Said, Stay Too Long and Prayin’. Plan B is known to dabble in the grime genre.

Plan B was born in London in October 1983. Plan B is known for working as actor, singer, film director, guitarist and film actor.

‘Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose’ track list

  • Grateful
  • Stranger
  • Heartbeat
  • Queue Jumping
  • Wait So Long
  • Pushin’
  • Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose
  • It’s A War
  • Guess Again Explicit Lyrics
  • Flesh & Bone Explicit Lyrics
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Mercy
  • Deeper
  • Sepia

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Album cover for Plan B's new album: Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose
Album cover for Plan B’s new album: Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose