Out on Spotify: ‘Ice Station Zero’ by Bad Company UK

11-May-2018: ‘Ice Station Zero’, album by Bad Company UK
Released on Label: RAM Records.

The eighth album by Bad Company UK is titled ‘Ice Station Zero’ and was just released on label RAM Records and is now available on Spotify. The album is already getting noticed by Last.FM users.

Album cover for Bad Company's new album: Ice Station Zero
Album cover for Bad Company’s new album: Ice Station Zero

2018 solidifies Bad Company UK’s influence throughout the drum & bass history books. With the announcement of their forthcoming Ice Station Zero LP dropped onto unsuspecting dance music fans they’re set to add to their already genre-shaping discography alongside an album which soundtracks their exclusive signing to the twenty-five year strong Ram Records imprint. Although the joining of arms between one of the world’s most definitive underground record labels and the influential quartet was the epitomic part of their return to drum & bass following a production hiatus. But now Fresh, Maldini, dBridge and Vegas have come together again for the release of their Ice Station Zero LP, featuring a selection of records which reminisce on the outfit’s roots, as well as groundbreaking collaborations that signify how they continue to set standards.

After smashing back onto the scene with heavyweight single ‘Equilibrium’, which was followed with the high-octane ‘Tetris’ as well as the more emotive breakdowns of ‘Primal Fire’ ft. Sitka and ‘Nomad’, Bad Company UK have already laid down their foundations. They build on this base with the vocal prowess of Dan Lancaster and cranking breaks of ‘Heartless’, which delivers a brand new offering through Ice Station Zero. But it doesn’t stop there and ‘The Thing’ takes you back through to the producers’ biting roots, whilst the raw talent of Fatman Scoop flows through the hedonistic chants of ‘Beast Mode’. ‘Ruckus’ ft. Spya, the final stepping stone towards Ice Station Zero’s release, adds a scuttling percussive edge and dancefloor overture to the LP. ‘Intermission’ offers a broadening versatility to the track list, shying away from its namesake and peddling a composition filled with dark atmospherics and a moodily subterranean bassline. Then grammy-nominated artist Matt Zo and chart-topping producer Kill the Noise join Bad Company UK for title-track Ice Station Zero, with a contemporary flare channelling amongst illusive sonic dips.

Together, they ignite a new era for drum & bass, represented through tracks like Ice Station Zero and its monumental associations. After testing their brand new creations throughout the globe’s major continents and across its clubs, anticipation has only grown around the album’s release. This comes as no surprise; following decades spent helping to shape one of dance music’s most longstanding communities, with their music still standing as a defining part of its architecture.

Bad Company UK consists of Maldini, DJ Fresh, Vegas and dBridge.

Tracks on Ice Station Zero

  • Equilibrium
  • Tetris
  • Nomad
  • Heartless – Bad Company UK and Dan Lancaster
  • Beast Mode – Bad Company UK, Jus Now and Fatman Scoop
  • Ruckus – Bad Company UK and $pyda
  • Intermission
  • Ice Station Zero – Bad Company UK, Kill The Noise and Matt Zo
  • The Thing
  • Primal Fire – Bad Company UK and Sitka

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