‘Saved’ released by Now, Now

18-May-2018: ‘Saved’, album by Now, Now
Label: Trans- Records.

Now, Now’s third album was released on Trans- Records and is now on Spotify. The album has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

Since Now, Now began making music they have released three albums and seven singles. Now, Now’s previous album ‘Threads’ from March 2012 was quite popular and well received. Some of Now, Now’s best hits include MJ, SGL and Can’t Help Myself. Now, Now’s releases usually gravitates around the genres alternative emo, dreamo, indie poptimism and indie psych-rock,but some works fits other genres too.

Tracks on Saved

  • SGL
  • MJ
  • Can’t Help Myself
  • AZ
  • Window
  • Holy Water
  • Yours
  • Saved Explicit Lyrics
  • Knowme
  • Drive
  • Set It Free
  • P0WDER

Play the album now on Spotify