‘Drew Barrymore (feat. Wale)’ is a new single by Bryce Vine

11-May-2018: ‘Drew Barrymore (feat. Wale)’, single by Bryce Vine
Released on Label: Sire.

Bryce Vine’s eighteenth single was just released on the label Sire and can be streamed on Spotify. The single has already gained some popularity among Last.FM users.

Since Bryce Vine began making music he has released three albums and eighteen singles. Bryce Vine’s previous album ‘珠玉の美メロR&B・名曲30 – Masterpieces’ from February 2017 was not played very much on Spotify. Bryce Vine is best known for his tracks Drew Barrymore, Sour Patch Kids and Glamorama. Bryce Vine is perhaps most known for super consistent pop rap songs.

Bryce Vine will perform live at these events

Jun 30, 2018

Liam Payne will be performing at Providence Medical Center Amphitheater

Spotify: Play Drew Barrymore (feat. Wale)