Freddie Gibbs’s ‘Freddie’: This is we know so far

22-Jun-2018: ‘Freddie’, album by Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs’s nineteenth album was just released on label ESGN / EMPIRE and is now available on Spotify. The album is not yet on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular (or just to soon to tell).

This image depicts Freddie Gibbs
Image of Freddie Gibbs

Since Freddie Gibbs began making music he has released a plethora of albums (nineteen total) and twenty-seven singles. Freddie Gibbs’s previous album ‘American Muscle 5.0’ from March 2018 was saw some success. Some of Freddie Gibbs’s most popular tunes include National Anthem (Fuck The World), High (feat. Danny Brown) and Personal OG. Freddie Gibbs’s creations mostly focus on the genres alternative hip hop, dirty south rap, gangster rap and hip hop,but some songs fits other genres as well.

Freddie Gibbs was born in Gary in June 1982. Freddie Gibbs is known for working as rapper and singer.

‘Freddie’ track list

  • Weight Explicit Lyrics
  • Automatic Explicit Lyrics
  • Death Row (feat. 03 Greedo) Explicit LyricsFreddie Gibbs and 03 Greedo
  • Triple Threat Explicit Lyrics
  • 2 Legit Explicit Lyrics
  • FLFM (Interlude) Explicit Lyrics
  • Set Set Explicit Lyrics
  • Toe Tag Explicit Lyrics
  • FBC Explicit Lyrics
  • Diamonds 2 (feat. Cassie Jo Craig & Irie Jane Gibbs) Explicit LyricsFreddie Gibbs, Cassie Jo Craig and Irie Jane Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs will be performing at these events

Jun 27, 2018

Freddie Gibbs will be performing at The Observatory – Santa Ana

Jun 27, 2018

Freddie Gibbs will be performing at The Observatory