‘Bad Witch’ is a new album by Nine Inch Nails

22-Jun-2018: ‘Bad Witch’, album by Nine Inch Nails
Released on Label: The Null Corporation.

The thirty-third album by Nine Inch Nails is titled ‘Bad Witch’ and was just released on label The Null Corporation and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not too popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Even if you have never heard of Nine Inch Nails, you should be aware that Nine Inch Nails got the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance and Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

This image depicts Nine Inch Nails
Image of Nine Inch Nails

Since Nine Inch Nails began making music in 1988 back in Cleveland in United States of America, they have released a truckload of albums (thirty-three in total) and two singles. Nine Inch Nails’s previous album ‘Recoiled’ from February 2014 was quite popular and well received. Some of Nine Inch Nails’s top tunes include Closer, Hurt and The Hand That Feeds. Nine Inch Nails’s tracks often gravitates around the genres alternative rock, alternative metal, alternative rock and industrial,but some works match other genres too.

Nine Inch Nails consists of Atticus Ross, Robin Finck, Justin Meldal‐Johnsen, Ilan Rubin and Trent Reznor.

‘Bad Witch’ track list

  • Shit Mirror
  • Ahead of Ourselves
  • Play the Goddamned Part
  • God Break Down the Door
  • I’m Not from This World
  • Over and Out

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Album cover for Nine Inch Nails's new album: Bad Witch
Album cover for Nine Inch Nails’s new album: Bad Witch