Little Louie Vega release NYC Disco

29-Jun-2018: ‘NYC Disco’, album by Little Louie Vega
Released on Label: Nervous Records.

The thirteenth album by Little Louie Vega is named ‘NYC Disco’ and was just released on label Nervous Records and is now available on Spotify. The album is not rated on Last.FM, indicating it is not all that popular or it’s just too soon to tell.

Album cover for Little Louie Vega's new album: NYC Disco
Album cover for Little Louie Vega’s new album: NYC Disco

Since Little Louie Vega began creating music they have released a pile of albums (thirteen in total) and thirty-five singles. Little Louie Vega’s previous album ‘Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII Unreleased & Lost Mixes’ from October 2017 was saw some success. Little Louie Vega is irreversibly associated with the tracks Shut The Door – TMBLV Main Mix, Diamond Life (feat. Julie McKnight) – Dance Ritual Mix and I Can’t Get No Sleep (feat. India) – Kenny Dope Gonzalez & Little Louie Vega Remix. Little Louie Vega’s creations mostly focus on the genres afro house, chicago house, deep house and vocal house,but some tunes fits other genres too.

Track list for ‘NYC Disco’

  • Rebel Nation (feat. Anané) – Little Louie Vega, Patrick Adams, Cloud Two and Anane
  • He Promised Me (feat. Tobbi, Tommi & Kiandra Richardson) – Louie Vega Remix – Bebe Winans, Kiandra Richardson, Tobbi, Tommi and Little Louie Vega
  • Love Having You Around (feat. Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker) – Little Louie Vega, Barbara Tucker and Rochelle Fleming
  • Get Myself Together – Louie Vega Remix – Luther Vandross and Little Louie Vega
  • Dancing For Your Love (feat. Cindy Mizelle & Sharon Bryant) – Little Louie Vega, Cindy Mizelle and Sharon Bryant
  • I Can’t Stop (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff) – Louie Vega Remix – John Davis & The Monster Orchestra, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Little Louie Vega
  • Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (feat. Anané & Tony Touch) – Little Louie Vega, Anane and Tony Touch
  • Love Paradox (feat. The Martinez Brothers) – Little Louie Vega and The Martinez Brothers
  • Bourgie Bourgie – Louie Vega Remix – John Davis & The Monster Orchestra and Little Louie Vega
  • Dance (Disco Heat) – Louie Vega Re-Touch Album Edit – Sylvester and Little Louie Vega
  • Get With The Funk (feat. Josh Milan) – Little Louie Vega and Josh Milan
  • Cosmic Disco
  • This Beat Is Mine – Louie Vega Remix – Vicky D and Little Louie Vega
  • Keep On Dancing – Louie Vega Remix – Gary’s Gang and Little Louie Vega
  • Love Fantasy (feat. Cindy Mizelle) – Little Louie Vega and Cindy Mizelle
  • Dreamin’ – Louie Vega Edit – Greg Henderson and Little Louie Vega
  • Love Magic – Louie Vega Edit – John Davis & The Monster Orchestra and Little Louie Vega
  • Feel Alright – Louie Vega Edit – Komiko and Little Louie Vega
  • Don’t Give Your Love Away – Remastered
  • Just How Sweet Is Your Love – Remastered
  • Gotta Get Out Of Here – Remastered
  • Don’t Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips And Move Me) – Remastered – Mike Sutton and Brenda Sutton
  • Behind My Back – Remastered
  • Somebody’s Loving You – Ray Reid 12″ Club Mix, Remastered – Klassique and Ray Reid
  • Doin’ It – Remastered
  • Just A Groove – Louie Vega Edit – Glen Adams Affair and Little Louie Vega
  • Let’s Do It – A Louie Vega Interpretation – Leroy Burgess, Convertion and Little Louie Vega

Spotify: Play NYC Disco